As times get harder crime gets worse. We must be able to defend ourselves, our families, and our homes.
Here are some great ideas for self-defense.

Self Defense Krav Maga On-Line

Krav Maga, the best self defense method is finally online! Israeli army face-to-face fighting method against terrorists.

H2h Self Defense Combat Manual and Videos

The H2h Self Defense is one of the most complete and structured self defense manuals and video series.

Urban Survival:Survive Any Disaster Without Leaving Home

Urban Survival: Easy Shortcuts To Prepare Your Family For Surviving Disasters Without Leaving The City

Handgun Girls: How Armed Females are Hard Targets for Criminals

A unique e-book empowering women and detailing the hows and whys of owning a handgun for protection. 97 pages w/photos on topics ranging from gun selection, care, skills, concealed carry, ammo, legal issues, protection plan, national parks and more.

1000 Military Manuals Available For Instant Download

We have put together the most incredible selection of Highly Classified Training Manuals ever available. Our Military Manuals are 100% guaranteed to be completely viewable and readable. Be prepared learn the life saving skills you need to survive