Food is the first element of survival.

On this page we explore how to get food and how to keep it.

Serious Couponing

Save 70% or More on Your Grocery Bill w/Serious
Quit paying retail for your groceries! Learn how a family of 7 went from spending $750-800+ a month in groceries to only Half that amount by using coupons.

Extreme Couponing

Ebook: Saving Money through Power Shopping
Saving Money through Power Shopping: How to Immediately Save 40-70% on Your Grocery Bill." The
ultimate guide to couponing and grocery savings.


How to Grow Herbs and Vegetables in Small Spaces - Kitchen Gardens
This manual is a year round seller. Written by Australia's Master Gardener for both the beginner and experienced home gardener.

Hydroponic Gardening

Aquaponics, An evolution in hydroponics,  Learn how to grow ten times the plants in less time.

Organic Gardening

This is a breakthrough method to counter food security and rising costs.


Interest in chickens is growing fast as people seek ways to save money by growing their own food. Jonathan White an expert in small area food systems explains and inspires how to achieve this with chickens.

Chickens DIY

Chicken DIY Guide
Complete guide to raising chickens.

Bee Keeping

How To Start Beekeeping
Want To Start Beekeeping? This New eBook Reveals It
All. Start Keeping Bees This Season!